What Is The Process We Follow?

Teh Foot Alignment Process - marking the lines

We collaborate to create a clinic dedicated to providing a scientific and biomechanical solution to foot, lower limb and spinal pain. The aim of our clinic is to assess and diagnose the cause of each patients pain or dysfunction, provide a corrective weight bearing orthotic to realign the body from the feet up to provide a biomechanically balanced and efficient posture & provide rehabilitation guidelines for the patient and their referring practitioner (if appropriate).

Foot alignment process

Patient presents to clinic for a bio-mechanical assessment, gait analysis and posture diagnosis to find out what is going on with their feet, knees, hips or back. We take into consideration the foot posture, muscle balance, internal/external rotation of leg, pelvic orientation and leg length discrepancies. A full computerised gait analysis is done on the treadmill which the patient can see on the screen how their feet are tracking and where they are placing pressure whilst walking.

Foot Alignment Process

This report can be emailed to the patient and the referring Doctor or Allied Health professional if requested.We ask that patients bring in their foot wear of choice so we can have a look at the style of shoe and if it is appropriate for their feet. Once this assessment is completed a mold can be done of the patients feet if orthotics are needed. The patient would stand on the VFAS device and the practitioner aligns and corrects their feet, a patient can communicate with the practitioner on how it is feeling and then the mold is done.

Foot Alignment Process

Our orthotics are fully custom made in our laboratory. Neil is very hands on with the manufacturing side of each pair of orthotics that are produced in the clinic. The turn around time is between one to two weeks in which the patient comes back for the fitting. They would bring their shoes of choice to this appointment and the practitioner trims them to size to fit into the shoe, any adjustments that may need doing are done at this time.

Instructions on how to wear them in are given and some patients are given stretching exercises as well to compliment the orthotics.


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