What is The Process We Follow?


Neil, Gavin and Melanie collaborate to create a clinic dedicated to providing a scientific and biomechanical solution to foot,lower limb and spinal pain. The aim of our clinic is to asses and diagnose the cause of each patients pain or dysfunction, provide a corrective weight bearing orthotic to realign the body from the feet up to provide a biomechanically balanced and efficient posture & provide rehabilitation guidelines for the patient and their referring practitioner (if appropriate).

  1. Patient presents to clinic for bio-mechanical assessment, gait analysis and posture diagnosis.
  2. Weight bearing and non-weight bearing assessments are carried out at initial consultation, taking into account consideration of the foot posture, muscle balance, internal/external rotation of leg, pelvic orientation and leg length discrepancies
  3. The angle and base of gait is determined and the patient stands uncorrected on the FAS. Subtanlar neutral, or the most bio-mechanically efficient position for the patient is determined.The feet are cast in the corrected position
  4. The negative casts are poured and the orthotic parameters are marked on the positive casts
  5. The orthotic is made from the positive molds,replicating the same position obtained on The Foot Alignment System.
  6. Patient is fitted with the orthotic, correct alignment while standing is achieved




  • Foot Alignment Clinic
    46 Sydney St
    Marrickville NSW 2204
    T: 02 9516 3547
  • Phone: +61 2 9516 3547
  • Email: info@footalignmentclinic.com.au


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