My feet and legs have never been happier

January 06, 2016 - by Warren Moore

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Hi Neil – or whoever’s reading this.

Firstly, THANKS! It’s been a couple of months and my feet and legs have never been happier. The 50km walk that I was training for and you rushed my orthotics so I had them for a week prior to the event not only went well but I crossed the line equal 1st! It was an outstanding effort made possible by a relatively pain free 7 hours of high intensity walking.

I have a question if I may… I’m currently training for the Tough Bloke Challenge at the end of June. Naturally I’m wearing my orthotics all the time but just wondering if I should NOT wear them for the event as it’s through mud and creeks and other hellish obstacles? I don’t want to wreck them obviously.

Hope this finds you well and I look forward to hearing from you.

Darren Frederiksen

How to look after your shoes and your orthotics!

They are a sports orthotic, ideal for training and fast paced game play. The orthotics should be kept in a cool dry environment when not being used for training to get the best performance. If your feet get wet and the shoes or orthotics stay wet, they will degrade over time. Swap the orthotics with other shoes to keep them dry.

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Warren Moore


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