Piriformis Syndrome

July 22, 2013 - by Warren Moore - in Conditions Treated

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Piriformis Syndrome

Foot Alignment Clinic LogoPiriformis Syndrome is a myofascial syndrome whereby the piriformis muscle (due to excessive work in trying to stabilize the hip) develops trigger points. Increased tension in this muscle can cause entrapment of the sciatic nerve and hence sciatic like symptoms. As the piriformis is an external rotator of the hip it is under constant tension when the foot internally rotates (pronation) and hence a custom orthotic that is designed to prevent over pronation is a very effective treatment for this syndrome. Massage, stretching and stabilization exercises are also advisable.

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Hi Neil

Orthotics are going really well, thanks. Once I started running in them I thought the inside of the right one might need a trim as it was hurting the inside of my foot but it’s fine now so it must have been just part of breaking them in.

I use them when I’m doing my weights now rather than my Nike Free’s as we discussed and I don’t know if it’s my imagination but my squats are feeling stronger.

Overall, I’d recommend them to anyone …. and probably will!

Thanks for your help. I’m back into regular training now, I’ve joined a cycling studio and am enjoying that for a change and my body isn’t hurting as much. I’m also back group training but avoiding a few exercises that I know my torn meniscus won’t enjoy, back weight training and feeling much more positive in general.

Hopefully in the future, I’ll send a few new clients in your direction!

Thanks for your email.


PS Oh almost forgot, my piriformis problem has probably improved at least 90%! Needless to say, I’m extremely happy about that. I’m not doing endurance runs at the moment but I’m still working out hard at group training, weights and cycling and my glute is feeling really good – long may it continue. 🙂

On 22/10/2014, at 2:29 PM, Neil Smith wrote:

Hi Fiona,
Just following up to see how your orthotics are going?.
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on 9516 3547.



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