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Gavin Johnston

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Gavin Johnston


Gavin Johnston is a physiotherapist with over ten years private practice experience. He has had a special interest in biomechanics and postural problems and has worked in Australia, England and Austria with a wide variety of patients, including full-time athletes such as the Newcastle Knights team, Australian Ski team, national level rowers, elite ballet dancers and various rugby teams. He is currently practice principal of East West physiotherapy in Hunters Hill.

Gavin injured his back at 17 and suffered sciatica during his university years. He found manual therapy provided excellent short-term relief but was of little long-term benefit. It was not until he started yoga that he realized the importance of balanced muscles. As Gavin’s back began to heal he could not understand why his buttock muscle would not release like the rest of his muscles were. “It was then I discovered my foot posture was the cause if my misaligned hips and, hence, my permanently overworked hip muscles,” says Gavin.

“After wearing custom orthotics for a few weeks the sciatic nerve was released from my tight buttock muscles (piriformis syndrome). I have applied the principals of biomechanical balance to my patients ever since.”

“The weight bearing casting methodology used in Neil’s Foot Alignment System is anatomically, biomechanically and clinically superb.”


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