Deon Birtwistle, Elite light weight rower

Deon Birtwistle, Elite light weight rower

Deon Birtwistle 1Sport: Rowing. Gold medalists, Under 23 W/Champs 2002. Silver medalist, W/Champs 2003. Stroke of the Tas. Henley Eight 2005.

– Comfortable and strong. They seemed to fit the entire sole of my foot and make it feel secure.
– They felt like they were directing my foot to the ground without fatigue or compromise to their support.
– From the first step I felt confident to move around and be as agile as required, weather road running or walking up and down stair cases.
– I felt that they fit all my shoes well and absorbed more shock felt through the shoe than any regular inner sole.
– Very reliable and subtle ? easy to forget they were in the shoe.

– Immediately felt as though my whole foot was in contact with the ground.
– The pressure on the bottom of my feet felt equal rather than all applied to the outer edges of my soles.
– My ankles stopped feeling stretched and sore.
– My shins and the fronts of my knees stopped feeling over strained.
– Less general fatigue and tiredness. No more aching legs and head or lethargic feeling from a long working day.

Deon Birtwistle 2

– Has definitely allowed my legs to perform more efficiently and feel as though my inner leg muscles are working better and getting stronger.
– Using the orthotics in training has been no problem. I use them for running, rowing & weights training. They cope well with the load and friction that I place on them.
– For rowing, they have given me more control over my leg movements in the boat and allow me to reach a stronger leg and torso position whilst rowing.
– I definitely use less energy during training and have more concentration when using the orthotics.

– Easy to clean.
– Quite resistant to sweat and dirt.
– Easy to fit to each shoe.


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