Case Example – Patient A

Rear View: Uncorrected free standing
Front View: Uncorrected free standing

The lines on the feet are to assist with identifying correct foot alignment. The uncorrected images above, show the resting position of the feet and ankles. Correct alignment would show vertical, parallel lines. You can see from the lines on the feet that the current position will put additional pressure and stress on the ankles and feet.

Uncorrected foot alignment

The vertical lines on the uncorrected image shows the feet rolling in and the vertical lines on the corrected image show the feet in the corrected position. This weight bearing, corrected position on the Vertical Foot Alignment System can then be transferred to the weight bearing orthotics.

The weight bearing orthotics are designed for the feet to fit into the orthotics, not just sit on top of the orthotics. The extra correction, pressure and comfort provided by the orthotics, correct your alignment and support your arch, so that your feet aren’t collapsing when you stand. Your arch and alignment is corrected in a weight bearing, standing position.

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